Why You’ll Love It

  • Allows sperm to move freely
  • Feels Natural
  • Mimics your own fertile fluids
  • Never sticky
  • Non-irritating
Pre-Seed provides natural feeling, mild moisture for every day lovemaking and vaginal comfort.

84% of users liked “the way Pre-Seed lubricant feels” well enough to want to use it as their regular lubricant!

Pre-Seed’s isotonic formula means safer, less irritating lubrication, that is ideal for women in all walks of life.

Pre-Seed can enhance comfort during intimacy for women with pelvic pain and vulvodynia; women who are breast feeding; and women who have been thru cancer treatment.

Besides being “fertility-friendly,” Pre-Seed lubricant has been reported in independent studies to be as slippery and smooth as, if not better than, leading lubricants. Pre-Seed’s isotonic formula has also been reported to be safer and less irritating to the sensitive tissues of intimacy than leading lubricants, which can cause irritation and burning.

Here are just a few of the comments we have received from people who love Pre-Seed

LOVE this lubricant!… I am a woman who invariably gets a yeast infection/irritation from every other personal lubricant, esp the ones with glycerine. Pre-Seed is the first lubricant that doesn’t cause that problem with me, it is also long lasting, feels very natural, has no weird taste etc. It is the most pleasant one I have ever tried, and have tried a lot… – AH

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